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component cleaning machine manufacturer in Raipur

Conveyorized component cleaning machine
Cabinet type component cleaning machine
Ultramax  offers the highest quality industrial Conveyorized Component Washing Machine for component cleaning application, these conveyor parts washers are able to wash, rinse and dry up to your most demanding high volume component cleaning  applications.
  • Auto loading and unloading
  • High pressure sprays wash.
  • Rinse stage: re-circulating and non-recirculating
  • Heated and non-heated Air blow for drying.

  • Lower cycle times
  • Type of Conveyor : Slat Conveyor, Honeycomb, Wire & Mesh, Roller chain with fixture Type, etc. – it is selected depending on the part geometry and the cleaning application
  • Different processes in separate Chambers
  • Complete water contacting parts in SS 304.
  • Conveyor width : 300mm to 1500mm.
  • Load carrying capacity : Maximum 175 kg / part/ metre.
  • Variable speed conveyor
  • Modular design – easily add rinse, dry sections
  • Fully insulated solution tanks
  • Low Water Shut-Off – Protect your heat elements from low water conditions
  • Lower cycle times
  • Different processes in separate Chambers
  • Thru Feed Type Washing Machine, for aiding online assembly operations
  • Filtration Bag/ Cartridge, Compact band, Wedge wire type
  • Fits into “in line” manufacturing layout
  • Loading and unloading of components outside the cleaning chamber
  • User friendly for heavier components handling by hoist or crane

  • Removal of oil and chips from machined components, castings and housings.
  • Automotive engine and transmission rebuild and manufacturing cleaning
  • Cleaning prior to powder coating, welding, deburring, brazing, blasting or other surface cleanliness critical post process applications.
  • Industrial parts washing of castings, stamped parts, machined parts, and other parts with true oils or water soluble coolants.
  • HPDC Components cleaning machine.
Ultramax Cabinet component cleaning machine are designed for immersion washing with aqueous detergents. In this type of industrial component cleaning machine multiprocessing can be done in single chamber without component transfer mechanism and process like High pressure alkaline Washing, Ultrasonic, Rinsing, Compressed air blow, Hot air blow and Vacuum drying facilities can be done.

·        High pressure alkaline spray wash.
·        Flood immersion wash with agitation.
·        Injection flood wash
·        Ultrasonic cleaning system
·        Final alkaline spray wash
·        Rinse ( Recirculate / Fresh )
·        Hot air / compressed air
·        Vacuum dry.

·        Wash tank & Rinse tank.
·        High pressure vertical alkaline pressure wash pump.
·        Working temperature of wash fluid 60 -70°C.
·        Single tank / two tanks concept with insulation.
·        Water contact part with complete insulation.
·        High pressure Injection flood wash.
·        Special custom build basket to suit the component.
·        Front loading with Loading & Unloading table.
·        Fully enclosed front loading component cleaning machine.
·        Automatic door open & close.
·        PLC controlled process.
·        HMI & Digital temperature controller.
·        Two hand push button with safety screen sensor.
·        Oil skimmer.
·        Oil separator.
·        Efficient Ultrasonic generator with ultrasonic cleaning transducer.
·        Drain pump for quick cycle time.
·        Automotive engine & transmission parts like cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, gears, housings etc.
·        Automotive systems like  injection, break and steering systems, turbo chargers etc.
·        Aerospace components.
·        Precision components like medical, optical etc.
·        Mass machined components like fasteners, Hydraulic parts etc.,

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Monday, 8 July 2019

hydro blasting machine Manufacturer CT 044 48642264


Ultramax Hydrojet Hydro blaster is widely used water jet cleaning machine to clean tanks, boilers, remove paint, and perform numerous maintenance functions necessary for achieving high-quality operations at various industries &  Water jet cleaner high pressure stripping or cleaning, or water blast cleaning, is a widely used process for the removal of material, coating, or contamination from the surface to clean even the hardest-to-reach places.  Ultramax has experience with all types of water jet system processes and specializes in ultra-high pressure water jet blasting. Our high pressure cleaner blasting uses water that is pressurized  up to 15,000 psi to remove coatings and debris from substrates. We are one of the quality high pressure water jet cleaning machine manufacturer.
  • High pressure cleaner pump.
  • High pressure water jet cleaning nozzles – All  type of nozzles
  • Straight Jet Nozzle
  • Fan Jet Nozzle
  • Rotary Nozzle
  • Pipe Cleaning Nozzle
  • Trigger Gun
  • Pipe Cleaning Kit
  • 10 meters High pressure hose.
  • SS lance 500mm with swivel QRC arrangement
  • It uses pressurized water to remove coatings and debris from substrates.
  • Operating Pressure of 350 - 600 Bar.
  • Discharge 11 to 160 lpm.
  • Motor capacity upto 75 HP.
  • Less water consumption for cleaning.
  • Solid ceramic Piston in HP pumps (Imported).

 Concrete Hydro demolition & Construction
 Paint & Coatings Removal
 Surface Preparation
 Water jet Cutting
 Refinery & Petrochemical
 Oilfield & Pipe yards
 Pulp & Paper

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Monday, 1 July 2019

Industrial Plastic Bin Cleaning Machine manufacturer in Kolkata CT: 8903335095

Rotary Bin Cleaning Machine Manufacturer
The Rotary bin washing machine is very simple and user friendly design with batch type process. Our Rotary Bin cleaning machine is of top loading type with Rotary basket inside the wash chamber. In Rotary basket fixture design is done to accommodate various sizes of bins. The main design feature in the Bin cleaning machine is washing & drying done in single chamber without clamping of the bin. Place the bin in the rotary table press the push button door closes automatically. The spray & basket rotation starts inside the plastic bin washing machine chamber and after washing drying is done by hot air with special high pressure air blower. In our plastic crate washer the bin washing is done by single bin process. We are one of the leading Bin washing machine manufacturers in India
The following are the process that can be done in our industrial crates washing machine.
             Loading of bin in Rotary table.
             Door closes automatically.
             Pressure wash cleaning
             Hot air blow drying.
             Door open & Unload.
             Oil separator.
             Oil skimmer.
             Mist collector
             Glass wool insulated Tank.
             Multi stage gravity filter to safe guard pump.
             Online Washable SS Micron filter.
             High pressure SS Wash Pump.
             PLC Control panel.
             Customised bin size machine design with standard concept.
             150 bins to 200 bins / shift.
             Spraying pressure standard 4 to 5 bars & customised up to 20 bars.
             Constructed entirely of stainless steel.
             No Gasket sealing proven Mechanical seal design.
             Automatic Pneumatic Door opening.
             Less spray shadow region design.
             Digital temperature control.
             High efficiency V jet SS Nozzle
             3 Dimensional designed solution spray arrangement.
             High specification filters, easily accessible from outside the machine
             Our crate washer machine is one of the High quality bin cleaning machine in India.

These machines are used for washing & drying bins/crates used in the industries like
             Automotive industries.
             Component manufacturing industries.
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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

oil skimmer manufacturer

The Ultramax oil skimmer belt-type or oil skimmer disc type is designed for removing floating contaminants from industrial component cleaning machine solution tanks, coolant sumps, and other oil-contaminated applications. Removing floating oils prolongs the life of the aqueous cleaning solution. The oil skimmer unit is constructed of stainless steel oil skimmer belt or Stainless steel disc as internal components. The ultramax oil skimmer can remove high volume of floating oils, depending upon the viscosity and solution condition. Our oil skimmer is designed for use with water-based industrial parts washers and parts cleaning systems. We are one of the leading oil skimmer manufacturers in India.
Specification & Feature’s :
·         4 to 6 litres per hour capacity.
·         Continuous duty.

Application :
For removal of oil from component washing machine solution tank

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Monday, 17 June 2019

Automatic Ahu Filter Cleaning Machine Manufacturers

Rotary Filter cleaning machine:
The Rotary AHU filter cleaning machine is designed for Single batch type AHU Filter cleaning application, with high cleanliness level and complete dry of pre filter can be achieved in this HVAC Filter cleaning machine. This type of AHU Filter cleaning machine is top loading rotary type with automatic pneumatic door opening & Closing. The Filter is to be place inside the rotary fixture located inside the AHU filter cleaning booth. After cycle start press door closes and filter starts rotating air purging done, Pressure washing done by special nozzle arrangement and drying cycle after that HVAC filter cleaning booth door opens & unload the clean & complete dry filter. Filter cleaning machine available in FLP & NON FLP Models.
Filter cleaning is done in the following HVAC Cleaning procedure
1.       Loading the AHU filter in Rotary basket.
2.       Door closes & Basket rotates.
3.       Air purging to remove dust.
4.       High pressure spray.
5.       Compressed air blowing.
6.       Hot Air blowing.
7.       Door open & unload the cleaned filter.

·         Multistage operation in same booth.
·         Wet scrubber.
·         High pressure pump.
·         High pressure hot air blower.

·         High rate of cleaning of AHU Filter cleaning machine with customized design it can clean 40 to 80 Filters per shift depends upon dryness level required and the size
·         Complete Stainless steel construction.
·         PLC & HMI Controlled Process.
·         Designed for high productive cleaning & drying with less utility consumption.
·         Less floor space requirement.
·         Less operator fatigue with consistent cleanliness level.
·          Conveyor filter cleaning machine is provided with sophisticated controls to avoid wastage of water & air.
·         FLP & NON FLP Models available.
·         Pharmaceutical AHU Filter.
·         Clean Room.
·         Process industry.
·         Manufacturing industry.

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Friday, 14 June 2019

Duplex Filtering system

                   Duplex Filtering system :
              In our Ultramax Duplex filtration system While one filter chamber of the duplex strainer is in filtering mode, the other chamber is always with a cleaned filter element off line. The liquid passes through the filter element and over time the pressure drop in this filter chamber will increase. The increased pressure drop is an indication that particles have been accumulated and cleaning is required. Optional a differential pressure indicator can be installed on the duplex strainer.

Specification & Feature’s :
·         5micron to 150 micron filtration.
·         Complete stainless steel construction.
·         Heavy duty three way ball valve.

Application :
Component cleaning machine filtration system

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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Industrial Machinery Manufacturer

We are Industrial Machine Manufacturer
1) Component cleaning machine
a)     Top loading Rotary component cleaning machine.
b)    Conveyorized component cleaning machine.
c)     Cabinet type washing machine.
d)    Front loading component cleaning & Degreasing machine.
e)     Single part component washing machine.
f)      Small component cleaning machine.
g)     High pressure submerged washing machine.
h)    Accessories :
a)     Oil separator.
b)    Millipore kit.
c)     Oil skimmer.
d)    Paper band filter.
e)     Mist collector.
f)      Duplex filtering system.

2)    Ultrasonic cleaning machine
a)     Agitrasonic
b)    Multistage ultrasonic cleaning system.
c)     Rotary spray cum ultrasonic component cleaning machine.
d)    Vapour degreasing

3)    Bin cleaning machine
a)     Rotary bin washing machine.
b)    Conveyor crate washer.

4)    Customised Cleaning system
a)     Rail axle box cleaning plant.
b)    Mobile sewage evacuation machine.
c)     Rail roller bearing cleaning plant.
d)    Sewage jet rodder cum suction machine.

5)    AHU Filter cleaning equipment
a)     Rotary filter cleaning machine.
b)    Conveyor filter cleaning machine.

6)    High pressure waterjet cleaner:
a)     Cold waterjet cleaning machine.
b)    Diesel hot waterjet cleaning machine.
c)     Electric hot waterjet cleaning machine.
d)    FLP Waterjet cleaning machine.
e)     Pharma high pressure waterjet cleaner.
f)      GLR Reactor cleaning equipment
g)     Hydro blaster.
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